Friedman Bull’s Way to Front

by Rocky Ragusa

Driving a Longhorn Chassis, Daren Friedman overtook Joe Harlan with two laps remaining to win the 30 lap, UMP Late Model feature Saturday night at the Fairbury American Legion Speedway. Infrequent visitor, Shawn Toczek led the field to the green flag, leading the first lap. Derek Chandler made it three wide on the back stretch to take command on the second lap. Toczek, along with Daren Friedman stayed in contention for the lead, as Chandler moved his line to the top groove of the track and set a blistering pace. On the 11th lap, Joe Harlan worked his way by Toczek to take second, with Kevin Weaver and Friedman in pursuit. Chandler encountered slower traffic, allowing Harlan to close the margin. Harlan moved to the front on lap 14 and a caution flag came out one lap later. On the restart, Harlan led as Chandler began to lose positions on the track. Weaver, Friedman, and Mike Spatola moved ahead to challenge Harlan for the lead. Friedman moved his car to the top and took over the second position, setting his sights on Harlan. A caution fell with five laps to go. On the restart Harlan led Friedman, Weaver, Spatola, and Dan Flessner. As Friedman exited turn four with two laps to go, his momentum allowed him to take the lead and the win. “Thanks to the guys at Longhorn, they have been helpful. We have figured some things on our own. Hopefully, this will be a rolling factor into next week. Thanks to Joe for racing me clean. This was for Mark Schahrer. It has been a year today. I think he was watching over us,” commented Friedman. Completing the top ten were Harlan, Weaver, Spatola, Toczek, Flessner, Chandler, Eric Vaughan, Jay Morris, and Don Hilleary. Toczek took fast time honors at a 12.700 and won the first heat race. Chandler and Friedman also won heat races. Spatola was the race's hard charger.

In the 20 lap UMP Modified feature, Jeff Curl and Jay Ledford paced the field, with Curl leading the first lap. Ledford came back on the next lap, to emerge as the new race leader, with Steven Brooks, Jimmy Dehm, Mike McKinney, and Lance Dehm in a tight pack. Ledford, running the top, and Curl sticking his guns on the bottom, set a rapid pace in the race. Brooks, trailing by five car lengths, had to contend with Jimmy Dehm and Lance Dehm, as McKinney faded from the top five. Curl showed the nose of his machine to Ledford several times, but Ledford was able to turn back the challenge. On the 10th lap, Curl pulled ahead of Ledford to take the lead and pull to a ten car length lead. Dan Rork and Cory Schwengel tangled on the 14th lap to bring out a caution flag. On the restart, Curl led Ledford, Brooks, and Lance Dehm. As Curl pulled away from his competitors, Dehm overtook Brooks and Ledford for second place. Dehm made a dauntless effort to track down Curl, but Curl held on for his first FALS win of the year. “It’s good to be back home, after traveling up and down the highways. We have learned a lot about this race car. We had carburetor problems and Roger Friedman got us going. We had a good effort in the Summit Modified Nationals and are leading the American Modified points, but there is nothing better than winning at home,” spoke Curl. Rounding out the top ten were Lance Dehm, Brooks, Ledford, Jimmy Dehm, McKinney, Jeb Friedman, Cullen Breeden, Dave Porth, and Chris Gaither. Kevin Hastings finished 11th and was the hard charger winner. Brooks was the fast qualifier at a 13.764. Jimmy Dehm, Curl, and Ledford took heat wins, while Jamie Kuntz was the semi feature victor.

Eric Gaus took the lead in the 15 lap UMP Street Stock contest. Outside front row starter Jason Maier came back to claim the lead on lap three and wasted no time in building a ten car length lead. With Maier comfortably in the lead, Gaus had to contend with Brandon Kessinger, Terry Miller, Darrell Dick, and A.J. Meiferdt. Caution fell on the ninth lap, as Nick Clubb stopped on the track with a flat tire. On the restart, Kessinger looked to take the lead, but Maier was able to hang on. With the top two locked in a race for first, Miller and Meiferdt soon joined in the shootout. In the waning laps, Maier put some distance between himself and the competitors and picked up his second FALS win of the year. “It’s been a good week with two firsts and a second place. Thanks to all my sponsors. The track was great,” said a jubilant Maier. Kessinger, Miller, Meiferdt, Dick, Darrin Kohler, Matt Maier, Gaus, Justin Nelson, and Rick Thomas completed the top ten. Meiferdt won the hard charger of the race. Gaus was the night’s fast qualifier at a 15.436. Gaus and Maier took heat wins.

The UMP Sportsman division ran two feature races, with the second race from the June 21 rain out. Jeffrey Ledford held a slight lead over Richie Rich in the first 15 lap race. Cautions set the tone for both Sportsman races as five fell in the first race, keeping drivers from establishing any type of rhythm. After the last caution on lap nine, Rich opened up his lead as Ledford had to contend with Dustin Mounce. Rich went the rest of the way to pick up his second win of the season. “Roger Friedman has helped me a lot this year. We have finally got the car figured out,” said Rich. Following Rich to the line were Ledford, Mounce, Richard Craven, Matt Mills, Scott Hatzer, Tyler Roth, Rod Rusher, Anthony Craven, and Eric Legner. Rusher won the hard charger award. Ledford set the pace in time trials at a 14.445. Ledford and Rich won heat races.

In the second race, three cautions fell on the second lap. Jeffrey Ledford dropped out with mechanical problems, while a six car pileup on the front stretch eliminated several contenders. After the cleanup, five cars remained on the track. Richard Craven led Richie Rich, Anthony Craven, Jim Bailey, and Eric Legner. Craven held a ten car length led as Rich’s car wasn’t hitting on all cylinders. Anthony Craven was able to take over second, but with eight laps to go Craven got loose and fell back to fourth. Rich moved back to second place and had to contend with Bailey. With two laps to go, Bailey took over second, but Craven had checked out on the contenders and won his third race of the year. “After the first race, I didn’t think I would ever win another race. My crew went to work, changed a few things, and it was on a rail,” said Craven. Bailey, Rich, Anthony Craven, Legner, Tyler Roth, Matt Mills, Amber Crouch, Paul Graf, and Dustin Mounce completed the top ten.

Gash $1,OOO Richer in Street Stock Special

by Rocky Ragusa

Twenty UMP Street Stock competitors lined up for their 20 lap, $1,000 to win special. Brandon Kessinger took the lead at the start, with Luke Gash, Lon Franks, Rick Thomas, and Jordan Smith following. In the early stages, the top four ran single file, while Smith had to contend with Jason Maier and Andrew Funk. On the seventh lap, Gash went to the outside and overtook Kessinger for the lead. Gash was able to use the slower cars to his advantage and extend his lead to five car lengths over Kessinger past the halfway mark of the race. Thomas got under Franks, looking to move up in the running order, but Franks was able to hold Thomas off. After the lone caution on lap 16, Gash raced to a five car length lead, as Kessinger, Franks, and Thomas traded sheet metal looking to run down Gash. Gash was able to hold on for his third win of the year. “I knew I would have to do it early if I wanted to run the middle. We chose soft tires and it worked out,” commented Gash. Following Gash to the stripe was Kessinger, Franks, Thomas, Jason Maier, A.J. Meiferdt, Smith, Matt Maier, Nick Clubb, and Joe Dynek. Kessinger was fast qualifier at a 15.771. Kessinger and Gash won the heat races.

In the 15 lap UMP Sportsman race, Jeffrey Ledford and Richie Rich led the 12 car field to the green flag. Rich got into Ledford and took the lead. Rod Rusher moved by Ledford on the third lap for second, with Richard Craven and Dustin Mounce running fourth and fifth. Rusher showed Rich his bumper several times in the early portion but Rich turned up the wick and extended his lead. Rich drove a smooth line around the track and opened up a 10 car length lead over the competition. At the checkers Rich ended a season of frustration by claiming his first win of the year. “I got into Ledford at the start. I’m not sure what happened. It’s been a tough road this year and I want to thank my crew for all the hard work,” said Rich.

Making his first appearance of the year, Rusher took second, with Ledford, Craven, Mounce, Paul Graf, Matt Mills, Eric Legner, Amber Crouch, and Bryant Frechette completing the top ten. Jeffrey Ledford was the fast qualifier at a 14.533 and took a heat race win, along with Rich.

Outside front row starter Jay Ledford took command of the 20 lap UMP Modified feature with Lance Dehm, Jimmy Dehm, Dave Porth, and Jim Farris in tow. After a caution on lap three, Jimmy Dehm moved into second. Another caution came out on the eighth circuit and when the green flag waved, Lance Dehm moved back to second, with Porth and Jimmy Dehm in a tight pack. The top four cars ran nose to tail, with Porth being the lone car running the middle of the track. With seven laps to go, Lance Dehm jumped the berm in turn two and fell back to fifth. Porth got by Jimmy Dehm to move into second position and set his sights on Ledford. With five laps to go, Porth showed his nose to Ledford, but Ledford hung on for the lead. With three laps remaining, Porth tried again and was able to wrestle the lead away. Porth was able to open a little breathing room up and claim his first FALS win since September 5, 2009. It was a popular win for Porth as fans, drivers, crews, and officials lined up to congratulate the former three time track champion. A jubilant Porth spoke in victory lane, “It’s been a long dry spell. The car was good in the heat race and I wanted to continue in the feature. It paid off. I have to thank Bob Pierce Race Cars and Shop Werks for allowing me to race.” Jay Ledford, Jimmy Dehm, Farris, Lance Dehm, Jared Cagley, Jeff Curl, Cory Schwengel, Tommy Duncan, and Jeffrey Ledford rounded out the top ten. Jimmy Dehm took fast time honors at a 13.944. Jay Ledford and Lance Dehm won heat races.

Third starting Scott Bull wasted little time taking the lead at the start of the 30 lap UMP Late Model race, with Jay Morris, Kevin Weaver, Joe Harlan, McKay Wenger, and Daren Friedman in close quarters. On the second lap, Weaver jumped the berm in turn two, dropping back to the ninth position. Bull set a fast pace, opening up a ten car length lead as Harlan and Wenger raced for the second position. Weaver inched his way back into contention joining Morris, Friedman, and Dan Flessner in a race for fourth. Harlan overtook Wenger for second as a caution came out on lap nine. The restart had Bull safely in command, as Wenger took second from Harlan with Friedman on his bumper. Five car lengths back, Flessner had his hands full with Morris and Weaver offering a challenge. Bull drove a smooth, steady race, keeping his car on the bottom and held a ten car length lead as Wenger and Harlan diced for second. Weaver was on the move, slipping by Flessner and soon was on Friedman’s bumper. Weaver was able to get by and take third as a caution fell on lap 22. On the restart, Weaver jumped to the top taking second, and was racing side by side with Bull. Weaver led laps 24 and 25 before jumping the berm allowing Bull to move back into the lead. Bull was able to hang on at the finish and pick up his fourth win of the year. “The top side was the fastest way to go in turns one and two, while the bottom worked best in three and four. When Weaver pulled alongside of me with eight to go it got my blood pumping a bit,” said Bull. Weaver, Harlan, Friedman, Flessner, Steve Thorsten, Wenger, Morris, Torin Mettille, and Mike Mullvain took the top ten positions. Morris was the fast qualifier at a 12.645. Morris and Weaver took heat wins.

Spatola Captures Pappy & Bob Allen Memorial

by Darlene Miller

Maybe it was in anticipation of next week’s Summer Nationals rolling into Fairbury American Legion Speedway as all four feature races came down to the last lap on Saturday night.

Manhattan’s Mike Spatola won the $2,000 Pappy and Bob Allen Memorial 40-lap late model feature over a charging Scott Bull. A photo finish decided what Maier brother would take home the street stock feature as Matt edged Jason. The Ledford family brought home two trophies as Jay and son Jeffrey won the modified and sportsman features, respectively. The KidModz also raced with Ryan Hamilton bringing home the checkered flag.

In the late model feature, Joe Harlan and Torin Mettille led the group to the green flag. Mettille jumped out to a quick lead followed closely by Harlan and Spatola after a complete restart as a car stopped coming out of turn 2. Spatola got around Harlan and put his sights on Mettille nine laps into the featured event. Eric Smith got around Harlan three laps later and began to put pressure on the top two. Lap traffic came into play and ended Mettille’s night. He went around the top side of Bill Hough and the pair made contact coming into turn three with 11 laps to go. Left front-end damage would force Mettille off the track. Spatola, running the high side, assumed the lead over Smith while Bull was fighting his way into the action. Bull got around Smith with three laps to go and was making a push, but Spatola held on to win by less than a car length.

“This is awesome, I can’t be happy enough with this win,” Spatola said. “I knew I had to run up top because of my soft tires.” Smith was third, followed in the top five by McKay Wenger and Kevin Weaver. Derek Chandler led the second five with Daren Friedman, Harlan, Jay Sparks, and Dan Flessner in tow. Heat winners were Harlan, Mettille, and Bull.

The modified feature turned into a four-driver engagement for the early lead as Jimmy Dehm and Jay Ledford were in front and trying to hold off Jeff Curl and Jacob Poel. Ledford took the lead with Poel and Curl running tight with nine laps to go in the 20-lap feature. Ledford felt pressure as Poel came within inches of him with one to go. Ledford led coming out of turn four to win by a nose over Poel.

“It is working out for us this year,” said Ledford, who won his third feature of the FALS season. “It is pretty sweet that my son won, too.” Curl, Jeb Friedman, and Lance Dehm were in the top five. Jimmy Dehm, Cullen Breeden, Cody Daugherty, Brandon Maciejewski, and Tommy Duncan rounded out the top 10. Ledford and J. Dehm were heat winners.

Heat winners Richard Craven and Dustin Mounce led the sportsman pack to the green flag. Craven quickly took the lead with Jeffrey Ledford on his heels. Mounce found himself in the lead with five laps to go in the feature but a caution flag on the next circuit bunched the field. Fighting back for the lead, Craven caught a tire in turn four and had to go the back of the field after stopping on the track. Mounce was in the lead over Ledford and Richie Rich with three laps to go. Mounce and Ledford battled back and forth and Ledford clipped Mounce at the line for his fourth feature win of the FALS season.

“It was a fun race,” said Ledford. “I tore the cushion up and shoved my nose in hard. I made it work.” Tyler Roth finished third flanked by Rich, Jim Bailey, Matt Mills, Bryant Frechette, Craven, Amber Crouch, and Scott Williams.

David Hurst took the early lead in the street stock feature and pulled away from the field. Hurst soon found himself sitting in the infield as his left front tire let go going into turn three with nine laps to go in the 15-lap feature. Jason Maier soon felt the pressure as his brother Matt and Andrew Funk were making a push. After rolling his car in the heat, Funk looked like the one to beat but the Maier brothers were able to hold him off for the top two spots.

“It was a finish to close for comfort,” said Matt Maier. Funk, Lukes Gash, and A.J. Meiferdt completed the top five. Eric Gaus, Brandon Kessinger, Justin Nelson, Joe Dynek, and Nathan Lyday finished out the top 10.

Poel, Craven take Memorial Races

by Darlene Miller

Jacob Poel, Scott Bull, Richard Craven, and Jason Maier were all winners as the American Modified Series made its second stop of a three-day Memorial race weekend at Fairbury American Legion Speedway Saturday night. The track honored some of their own with memorial races.

The Gary Cook Jr. inaugural modified race honored the four-time champ at the speedway who lost his battle to cancer last year. Pontiac’s Jay Ledford led the field to the green flag and quickly established the lead. However, the field was not going to let him run away as Chatsworth’s Lance Dehm took over the lead with 22 laps to go in the feature. Dehm began to feel pressure from Matt Mevert, who grabbed the lead near the halfway point. The duo ran door to door and Poel began his move to the top. Poel got around Dehm to take second and put pressure on Mevert. As the pair were heading out of turn two, Mevert bobbled on the high side and Poel took the lead and never looked back for his second win in as many nights. He won Friday night’s race at Farmer City.

“I am so blessed to be here and what a race,” said Poel. “I knew Mevert slipped on the cushion and I got around him.” Ledford brought home second followed by Steven Brooks, Jeff Leka, and Dehm. Dehm, Mevert, Poel, and Ledford were heat winners. Poel brought home $2,064 for the win. Semi's went to Jim Farris and Mike McKinney.

Craven won the memorial sportsman race that honored former FALS champ Gary Eden and racer Curt Piercy. Craven took an early lead in the 15-lap feature over last week’s winner Jeffrey Ledford and Richie Rich. Ledford took back the lead with five laps to go but saw his night come to a screeching halt as he hit the cushion and went up the turn four wall.

He came back on the track but collected Rich and Dustin Mounce. All three were OK but done for the evening. On the restart, Craven again took the lead but Amber Crouch, who graduated from high school the night before, came close to Craven several times. She just could not get around him and finished second. Tim Dick, Paul Graf, and Jim Bailey rounded out the top five. Craven, Ledford, and Rich were heat winners.

“I just lost my uncle this past Tuesday and it means a lot to me to win this race,” an emotional Craven said. “My uncle was a big part of my racing and I raced against Curt Piercy for a long time.”

Bull weaved his way in and out of the traffic and held off Daren Friedman by a car length to win the 30-lap late model feature. “I am starting to figure out my car,” said Bull. “Lap traffic made it a little hairy.” Friedman, Scott Schmitt, Derek Chandler, and Jay Morris rounded out the top five. Heat wins went to Bull, Friedman, and Morris.

The final feature of the night went to Jason Maier, who won his first feature of the season at FALS. Lukes Gash and Rick Thomas were the early frontrunners but a caution flag bunched the field and they made it four wide on the restart. Maier wrestled the lead away and held on to win by a car length over Thomas. Brandon Kessinger, Gash, and Eric Gaus completed the top five.

“The track was very slick and I was on pins and needles,” said Maier. Gash and Kessinger were heat winners.

Bull, Ledford’s, and Gash outlast cautions for wins

by Darlene Miller

The color yellow is an eye catcher whether it is for flowers or for the sun. On Saturday at Fairbury American Legion Speedway, it seemed to be the color of the constant flags flying through the features. Scott Bull, Jay Ledford, Jeffrey Ledford, and Lukes Gash were able to weather the storm of cautions and come away with feature wins.

In the 30-lap late model feature, Jay Morris took an early lead over Bull and with six laps in the books the first caution flag flew for debris. One lap later, debris in turns three and four brought out another flag. Bull of Fairbury grabbed the lead from Morris and pulled to a slight advantage that also included El Paso’s Joe Harlan in the battle. Another caution flag flew with 20 laps to go and then another one four laps later. In between that time, Fairbury’s McKay Wenger put on a charge getting around Morris and Harlan for the second spot. Wenger was reeling in Bull when his car began to run into problems and he had to pull off with six laps to go. Wenger’s trouble brought out another caution. Bull held off the other challenges and won by six car lengths for his second win on the season.

“We started pushing at the end but held on,” said a happy Bull, who was also top qualifier with a 12.938. Bringing home second was Morris, followed by Harlan, Dan Flessner, and Daren Friedman. Allen Murray, Bill Hough, Steve Thorsten, Snooky Dehm, and Glen Thompson made up the second five. Bull and Morris were heat winners.

Jay Ledford of Pontiac and Saunemin’s Jeb Friedman led the modified drivers to the 20-lap green flag feature. Friedman took the lead early when the first caution flag flew for a crash in turn two. Ledford grabbed the lead two laps later but two more cautions kept the field from getting some laps in.

Jacob Poel of Spring Lake, Mich., took the lead from Ledford. Another caution flag with 10 laps to go flew and Ledford and Poel began to race for the lead when another caution came out one circuit later. With six to go, Poel assumed the top spot followed by Ledford, Jared Cagley, Lance Dehm, and Cory Schwengel. A caution flag flew when the leader Poel spun in turn three and Dehm had a flat tire with five to go. Cagley moved into second with four laps to go after starting 14th. Jeff Curl was in third but Ledford held off the challengers for his first win this season.

“This win is pretty sweet, going back and forth was a lot of fun,” said Ledford. Cagley was second, third went to Curl, as Schwengel and Dave Porth followed. The second five were Jim Farris, Tommy Duncan, Friedman, Kevin Hastings, and Dan Rork. Ledford had fast time with a 13.809. Heat winners were Ledford, Poel, and Friedman.

The sportsman race ran ahead of the modified and saw Ledford’s son, Jeffrey, bring home his third win in a row. Flanagan’s Dustin Mounce took the early lead on the high side over the young Ledford. The first caution flew three laps into the 15-lap feature for a spin in turn two. Two more cautions flew before another lap was counted. Ledford took the lead with 10 to go. Richard Craven and Richie Rich got around Mounce for the second and third position. Caution flags flew again with five and four laps to go. Ledford held on to the lead to win by one car length over Craven.

“I was worried about Richard and Richie,” Ledford said. “I knew they were coming underneath but we pulled it off.” Rich, Craven, Paul Graf, and Tim Bohm finished in the top five. Ledford had fast time with a 14.495. Ledford and Mounce were heat winners.

The street stock 15-lap feature started the caution-filled action for the night with two restart yellow flags before Lukes Gash was able to take the lead over Rick Thomas. Two more caution flags flew again before three laps were in the book. Another caution flew for a wreck with eight laps to go. Gash, who started third, and Thomas battled for the lead and Gash won by two car lengths.

“I can only imagine what was going on behind me,” Gash said after winning his second race in a row. “I am glad I was out front.” Thomas, Eric Gaus, Nick Clubb, and Matt Maier completed the top five. Gash had fast time with a 15.540. Thomas and Jason Maier won the heat races.