For clarification for all Illinois racetracks ONLY test & tune events can occur during Phase 3. My understanding is that there was an industry call yesterday and a state employee referred to an activity that was already permitted, he said racing but he meant testing cars. We understand this is a nuisance in terms for your industry and I wanted to clarify. This press release is to provide you guidance on compliance with the State’s executive order.

Phase 3 and Racing:
Racing is not permitted in Phase 3. The executive order limits gatherings to 10 people or less. Races involve large groups of people gathered together, which is not permitted under the order. We are about the enter Phase 3 tomorrow. Moving through the phases depending on the public health data, so we don’t know approximate dates for when the next phase will begin. We cannot provide a specific time frame for when these gatherings can occur. The outdoor recreation guidelines are not applicable to this type of large event which involves hundreds of people assembled. The guidelines, as detailed, are for paintball courses or outdoor ranges with no spectators, crews, or the sheer volume of people that is involved in racing for your industry.

Phase 3 – What is Permitted: Test and Tune Events only
• Test and Tune Events, no racing.
• Crew members only, no more than 3 crew members per car
• 30 cars total
• Cars can test with up to 3 cars at a time.
• 6 foot social distancing between participants. Following the test, the driver and crew need to return to a specified area that is at least 30 feet apart from others.
• Participants are limited to driver and crew, no one else.
• The testing can occur in time slots
• Please ensure that no communal gathering areas are open, including concessions stands
• Extra sanitation is followed, and no spectators
• Operator should display signage at entry with face covering guidelines, social distancing guidelines, and cleaning protocols, in multiple languages as needed
• Water fountains, except for touchless water bottle refill stations, should be made unavailable for use (e.g. turned off, covered, area blocked)
• Employees, drivers, and crew members should wear face coverings over their nose and mouth when within 6-ft. of others (cloth masks preferred). Exceptions may be made where accommodations are appropriate.

Please note that we are working on developing direction for racetracks for race events that could occur in Phase 4, under capacity restrictions.

Michelle L. Masoncup
General Counsel
lllinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity

The state of Illinois currently is regarded as one of the most active for motorsports in the United States. The Illinois Motorsports Coalition (IMC), represents leading industry professionals at more than 50 venues, product manufacturers, parts distributors, and more than 1 million individual enthusiasts who are constituents of the state of Illinois. These events include road racing, oval tracks, drag racing venues, tractor pulls, and a variety of other forms of outdoor recreation. Our venues are not only outdoor and primarily located in rural/agricultural areas, but they cover large footprints of open space. The smallest racing venues in our state still are larger than other outdoor sporting venues. Our businesses are perfect for functional cells and compartmentalized fan groupings. The average ¼-mile short track occupies more real estate than a football, soccer, or baseball facility. The average drag racing or road racing venue occupies more real estate than the combined footprint of the state’s largest football, soccer, and baseball facilities combined. Our venues are working with the leading motorsports sanctioning bodies including the World Racing Group (WRG), National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), and others to develop industry standards to safely open our venues in gradual steps while protecting our participants, employees, and attendees from risk. The same safety standards that were developed by track operators here in Illinois have been adopted by several other states and are being implemented in a safe and effective manner.

While motorsports venues in the state of Illinois remain shuttered with no definitive date for reopening, we helplessly are watching as our participants and fans are looking to other states for options. Since May 1, we’ve watched our racers and fans take to the interstates to race in Oklahoma, Missouri, South Carolina, and Alabama...

IMC Proposed Reopening Steps

In an announcement by track owner Matt Curl via Facebook Live Thursday night, the Fairbury Speedway will put its season on hold until further notice as a result of continued restrictions put in place via Governor J.B. Pritzker prohibiting large gatherings in the state of Illinois due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are confident that we will resume racing this summer at some point, but the million-dollar question is ‘when’”, said Curl.  The original 2020 race schedule that was published during PRI has been removed and an updated schedule will be released as soon as possible. 

Fans having reserved tickets and camping for the May 9th FALS Spring Showcase should hold on to their reservations as FALS will be rescheduling the event for later in the year.  A reminder to all fans that have or will be purchasing reserved seating and camping in the future, you will receive a complete refund or be allowed to credit your account for the 2020 reservations if a race is canceled. 

The safety of our employees, drivers, and fans remain a priority and we will continue to monitor the situation in coordination with federal, state, local, and public health officials, along with information based on the recommendations of the CDC to make the best decisions in regards to a return to racing.

We will continue to provide updates regarding any possible changes regarding racing, season ticket information, and more via our website along with our various social media outlets via Facebook and Twitter.

Take care, be safe, God Bless.

Matt Curl
Owner / Promoter – Fairbury Speedway

The Fairbury Speedway will be opening up the ticketing website on Monday, April 20th at 10:00 a.m. to the general public for all remaining reserved tickets available for the Prairie Dirt Classic (July 31st & August 1st) and reserved tickets and camping for the FALS Frenzy (October 9th & 10th).  Reserved camping for the PDC is SOLD OUT.  We will be announcing overflow options for camping at the PDC later this spring, but at this time there is no available reserved camping for the Prairie Dirt Classic. 

Fairbury Speedway officials will be making an announcement in the coming weeks on the future updated schedule at FALS.  At this time, we will not be opening up the Spring Showcase (May 9th), Summer Nationals (June 27th), or Modified Nationals (September 5th) for reserved tickets or camping.  Our goal is to open up the ticketing website to the general public three weeks before the Summer Nationals and Modified Nationals depending on schedule adjustments.  Just a reminder that if an event is canceled, you will receive a complete refund or credit for your 2021 tickets. 

It is our goal that we race as much as possible in the best interest of our fans, drivers, crews, sponsors, staff, and our community.  Any questions, please email falstickets@gmail.com.

Be safe, take care, and God Bless.

Fairbury Speedway Ticketing Team

Fairbury Speedway has made the decision to extend the deadline date for renewals of seating and camping reservations until Sunday, April 12th at 5:00 p.m.  We will reopen the ticketing system to the general public on Monday, April 20th at 10:00 a.m. for all five major events on the FALS schedule in 2020.

We want to assure the fans that in the event a race is canceled, you will receive a complete refund or be allowed to use the value of your tickets for credit in 2021.  That simple…

Fans can renew their cart online at www.fairburyspeedway.com. Once you get into the website, click on the “tickets” link at the top, enter your account information, and your cart will be ready to process.  You will be able to drop anything you don’t want to renew for 2020.  Remember, once you drop tickets or camping and update your cart, the tickets cannot be added back to your account.  NO new tickets or camping can be added/purchased at this time; only renewals will be able to be processed.  Once the deadline is over, all tickets and camping left in unattended accounts will go back into the general population.

We will continue to entertain requests to transfer reserved tickets that were purchased online in 2019 into alternate accounts to be processed.  NOTE: If fans want to move a portion of their accounts, they will need to notify us BEFORE they process or drop any seats/camping.  Once you process your cart, the transaction is final and we will not be able to move tickets into alternate accounts.  You will need to setup a new account before any transfers can be done. Requests can be emailed to falstickets@gmail.com.  

We would like to take this moment to say THANKS to all our fans, drivers, and sponsors for all their support of the Fairbury Speedway during this difficult time in our society.  We would also like to thank all the people that are on the front lines of this global pandemic.  Finally, we are so fortunate for all the people that are supporting our local businesses.  They are so important to the town of Fairbury.

In closing, rise up, do your part as a citizen of the United States!  Stay motivated, help others in need, we will get through this… and when we do, watch out!  Because there is no better sound that comes from our track announcer Mike Norris than “it’s time for the 800 horsepower, fire- breathing, mudslinging, grounds-pounding cars and stars of the Fairbury Speedway.”

Take care, be safe, and God Bless.

Matt Curl – Owner & Promoter #FALS

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