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2014 General Track Rules

  1. All persons must sign and pay for a pit pass before entering the pit area.  Any person under 17 years of age must have a parental consent form signed before entering the pit area.  Any person caught tampering or altering pit passes, or general admission bands will be suspended and if part of a race team, driver will lose points and money for the night.
  2. No person less than 16 years of age will be allowed to pick up pay envelopes.  Only drivers or driver representatives will be allowed to pick up pay.  You must sign for all pay.  Checks will be available approximately 15 minutes AFTER THE LAST RACE OF THE EVENING FOR ALL DIVISIONS.  You will pick up your pay at the pit shack located in the pit area.  If you have rented a FALS transponder for the evening, you must return it at the time you pick up for pay.  We will not release any checks until transponders are returned.
  3. Any driver, car owner, pit crew member, or fan displaying unsportsmanlike conduct in view of any spectator or officials will be subject to immediate and indefinite suspension upon decision of the Race Director and race committee.  This includes, but not limited to, any matter to delay time trials, or racing events; starting or circulating petitions against the track, officials or management; agitation or attempting to agitate other individuals; smashing or wrecking cars on the track; yelling or showing profanity to track officials and fans.  DECISION OF THE RACE DIRECTOR IS FINAL!
  4. Driver or driver representative must declare what car number and driver they will be drawing for before they draw a number for qualification or position spot.
  5. Rain out policy for FALS: NO CASH REFUNDS. Rain check is good for the face value of ticket price the night of the rain out. Your pit pass and your ticket will be considered your rain check. If feature races are the only races left to run, double features will be run on announced date and the night is not a rain out. If it rains out the night before the features, the night is a complete rain out and rain checks will be honored. **** Rain out policy for reserved ticket holders: you must have BOTH wristband (ticket) and reserve seat tickets for rain check to be valid. ONLY GOOD for make-up event or announced date….. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  6. All persons (including race drivers) MUST be 16 years of age to drive a motorized vehicle in the pit area and the FALS grounds.  Motorized vehicles will not be allowed outside the pit area at any time.
  7. The schedule and or length of races or events may be changed by the Race Director due to weather conditions, time restrictions, or by number of cars available.  Time limits are as follows: Heats - 10 minutes, Semi’s – 15 minutes, Features – 30 minutes.  If race exceeds time limits, there will be a green-white-checkered finish no matter how many laps are left in the race.  If the race cannot end under green, cars will be frozen at the last caution lap and race will be ended.  Special races will be given extra opportunity to finish full feature laps.  Race Director will have the final say on calling races on time limits.
  8. NO GLASS BOTTLES ARE ALLOWED ON THE SPEEDWAY PREMISES.  NO alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the pit area or on the race track until all races have been completed.
  9. All persons are asked to be off the speedway grounds 90 minutes after the last race is completed.
  12. UMP rules and specs apply for Late Models, Modifieds, Sportsman, and Street Stocks.  The FALS rules official and Race Director have final say on decisions pertaining to rules infractions and penalties.
  13. All cars must have a number on the top of their roof readable to the tower where FALS scores each race.  They are recommended to be at least 24” tall and pointed to the outside of the track.
  14. Add on weights will be painted WHITE and have the number of the car on them and be securely fastened to the frame.  Any add on weights lost on the track during racing events will be a result of a BLACK FLAG.
  15. RACECEIVERS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL CLASSES AND REQUIRED TO BE IN AND FUNCTIONING FOR ALL ON TRACK EVENTS.  Any driver that does not obey this rule will be asked to leave the track immediately.
  16. FALS has the right to park all cars and teams on any given night.  There are no SAVED parking spots in the FALS pit area.
  17. All drivers will be required to have an UMP membership card to race at the FALS.  Your membership which is required by all UMP tracks will be checked upon registration each night.


  1. ALL CARS will be expected to pack the track if needed by the track crew.  Any car not doing so may be subject to loss of qualifying privileges.  ALL CARS MUST BE SIGNED IN BY 6:00 P.M.  If a driver is not signed in by 6:00 p.m. NO qualifying time and they will start at the back of a heat race.  If any driver is running late they may call the Race Director before 5:45 p.m. to register.
  2. Time trials will start at 6:30 p.m.  Once car is on the clock that lap will count as a lap regardless of a spin, accident, or such other conditions.  Unless another car on the track causes loss of time.  If the car on the track spins and comes to a stop while on the clock and another car stops the timer, the car that spun out will not get a new lap.  If a car crosses underneath the timing light for an extra lap, their qualifying lap will be disqualified.
  3. Late Models and Modifieds will qualify two laps.  They must scale in the infield immediately following their lap.  Any driver that does not make weight or does not scale after qualifying, their time will be disqualified.  Sportsman and Street Stocks will qualify on regular nights determined by the Race Director and will draw for spots when specials are scheduled in other divisions.
  4. Any car that misses their spot in the qualification order will not be given a time.  They will be added to the end of a heat race lineup.
  5. The Race Director may substitute lining up by draw in lieu of time trials in the event of any emergency and without prior announcement.  On a rain delay or other emergency relative to races, race procedures may be changed without notice.
  6. On nights when Late Model specials are scheduled, the Race Director will decide if any other class will qualify and the schedule for the night.  No prior notice is necessary.


  1. For regular night shows, all transfer cars from the heats and semi-features and the top 5 positions in the feature must cross the scales and go through technical inspection in the infield immediately after the race.  Failure to do so will result in finishing at the end of the lead lap.  Number of cars scaling can be changed by the Race Director anytime during the night’s races.
  2. For a special show for any class, all cars transferring to the feature through the heats and semi-features as well as the top 5 cars running at the end of the feature must cross the scales and proceed to technical inspection.  Any car that is light at the scales will be scored last in the race.  Any car that does not pass weight or technical inspection in the semi-feature will not be allowed in the feature.  If a driver has provisional options he may use it to gain entry into the feature.


  1. If any driver is the cause of two unassisted yellow flags, the car will receive the Black Flag.  If any driver makes intentional contact under a caution or after the race (on track or in the pit area), with another competitor, they are subject to immediate penalties for the nights events.  This will be at the discretion of the Race Director.
  2. Starter’s decision will be final on whether any race shall be stopped in the event of any accident or other unsafe race conditions.  It is the driver’s responsibility to see the starter’s flags and all the lights on the track.
  3. When the number of competitive cars in the heat races or consolation races falls below 6, the Race Director may, without prior notice, reduce the number of laps if no apparent competition exists.
  4. ONLY safety and track officials may pull out or remove sheet metal for safety reasons.  Turn 4 will be the designated area for drivers with questions or safety concerns.  Once the track is cleaned up, a driver will have no more than TWO courtesy laps for track officials to work on the car.  Once two laps have expired, the driver must enter to the infield and will lose their spot on the track.
  5. Drivers must stay in their cars at all times unless safety or harmful issues are a concern.  Failure to do so will result in the disqualification of the race.
  6. Consistent inability to remain competitive or rough driving shall warrant the BLACK FLAG.  If a driver fails to acknowledge the black flag or officials after two attempts, he will forfeit all points and money earned for the night up to that point.
  7. ONCE A CAR LEAVES THE TRACK AND ENTERS THE PIT AREA, THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RE-ENTER THE RACE AT ANYTIME.  Any reckless driving in the pit area will result in a severe penalty at the discretion of the Race Director and Race Committee.
  8. Flat Tires & Suspension:  Drivers that occur a left front flat tire during a race will be able to continue racing during green flag conditions ONLY if it is the left front. If a caution comes out during the race, no driver will be able to restart a race with any flat tires.  No driver will be able to continue to race with broken suspension parts including tie-rods and a-frames.  This will be at the discretion of the Starter and Race Director.
  9. FEATURES ONLY: IN CASE OF FLAT TIRE – Before one lap is completed, driver may go to the designated area (turn 4 entrance on regular night), with two pit crew members only (driver must remain in the car).  The car then goes to the tail of the lineup upon re-entry to the race.  The driver will get two courteous laps to change the tire before he is asked to leave the track.
  10. There will be absolutely NO HOT LAPPING AFTER RACES ARE OVER.  Disciplinary actions will be taken if necessary.
  11. Starts and Restarts:  The pole sitter or leader will set the pace for all starts and restarts and fires between the VP start lines in turn 4.  The leader will fire first and will be given only one chance to start the race correctly.  If the outside starter fires first, the caution will come out and he will be penalized one row upon the restart.  FALS runs Delaware Double File restarts for all races.  Maximum of one restart per caution allowed.  Leader will position himself in row one by himself with the second place driver choosing top or bottom in row two.  Positions 3rd on back will stagger based on the decision of the 2nd place driver.  All drivers must be nose to tail on all starts and restarts with the car in front of them.  Any driver not nose to tail or gets an advantage will be penalized two positions at the next caution OR after the race (whichever comes first).  ALL LAPPED CARS WILL START AT THE TAIL OF THE FIELD ON RESTARTS.


  1. Once a Yellow or Red Flag is displayed, the lineup for the forthcoming green flag restart will revert back to the last lap completed by LEADER PLUS THREE.  The definition of a completed lap is the leader plus the next three positions on the race track.  If the caution comes out before the fifth position, lineup will revert to the last completed lap.  If the caution comes out behind the fourth position, the positions scored will be locked and any car not scored will revert back to the last completed lap.  Laps under yellow flag do not count.
  2. When a YELLOW OR RED flag is displayed, the car or cars directly involved in the accident, as determined by the OFFICIALS, STARTER, AND RACE DIRECTOR, must go to the rear of the field.  Those cars collected without direct involvement will be given their spots back.  THE DECISION OF THE STARTER AND RACE DIRECTOR IS FINAL.


  1. Alternate must be in the staging area ready to go before the race starts.  Once all feature cars have made a parade lap under their own power, an alternate cannot be used.  If a feature car cannot make a parade lap under their own power, they will forfeit their feature money and points and an alternate will be used if ready. Once the alternate is moved into the feature, they forfeit their semi money.  First alternate will be from the first semi, second alternate will be from the second semi.  If there is only one semi feature, the finishing order will determine alternates.
  2. CAR SWITCHING:  A driver qualifies for the feature, his car breaks before the feature, this driver can then borrow another car already qualified for the feature, and will start at the end of the feature lineup.  Alternate from the original lineup will be allowed to race at this point.  A driver can change cars throughout the night; however they will start at the end of the heat race or semi to transfer to the feature.  Drivers are not allowed to use a backup car after qualifying for the night’s events.  Driver must let OFFICIALS know when changing cars throughout the night.


  1. Tire selection will be as followed for all shows unless noted: Late Models: Regular Nights, Summer Nationals, May 10th, & August 9th ALMS shows, Prairie Dirt Classic: Hoosier LM 20, LM 30, LM 40; August 30th Corn Belt Clash / ALMS Special: Hoosier LM 40 / WRS 55’s on the rear only, Hoosier LM 20, LM 40 & WRS 55’s option for the front. Modifieds: D’s, A’s, & H’s until May 31st; Starting June 1st, A’s & H’s on all 4 corners. Street Stocks will be able to use D’s, A’s, & H’s in 2014; Beginning in 2015 only A’s & H’s will be allowed on all 4 corners.


  1. Points go to the driver not the car in the class he is competing in and are not cumulative between classes.
  2. Track points are awarded the same as UMP structure.  Points are computed on features as follows:  75, 70, 65, 60, 55, 50, 48, 46, 44, 42, 40, 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30, 29.  Drivers not in the feature and taking the track during the night will receive 10 track and UMP points.  Points will be awarded for your feature finish or attendance.
  3. Tie Breaker:  In the event there is a 1st place tie for the FALS track championship, the tie will be broken by: most feature wins, if still a tie, then most second place finishes in the feature.  This will continue until tie is broken.
  4. Championship points will be accumulated each night throughout the year.  Drivers will drop their lowest point total if they have perfect attendance.  Points will end on Saturday night’s Fair Championship races.


Next Events

5.30.2018   World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series
    $10,000 to win FVP Platinum Battery Showdown
    POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Wildcard Sprints
6.02.2018   Regular Night of Racing
    LM, MD, SS, SP, HM
6.09.2018   Allen Memorial Late Model Special
    $2,000 to win UMP Late Models | Sponsored by Allen Automotive
    MD, SS, SP, HM Regular Night | KidModz Racing Series
6.16.2018   Regular Night of Racing
    LM, MD, SS, SP, HM
6.23.2018   UMP Summer Nationals
    $10,000 to win Late Models
    $1,500 to win DIRTcar Summit Modified Nationals
    $800 to win Midwest Street Stock Championship | SP off
Gates Open 3:00, Drivers Meeting 5:30, Hot Laps 6:00, Qualifying 6:30, Racing Follows

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