Ticket & Camping Information

As most of the regulars know we have a large demand for seats and camping spots on our marquee weekends and we feel like our 2013 Prairie Dirt Classic World of Outlaws (July 26th & 27th) weekend could be one of the largest events ever held at FALS. The Fairboard and Race Committee have listened to our fans (customers) and have been hard at work making plans for that weekend. In an effort to reduce the large bottleneck of campers getting on the fairgrounds, we have come up with the following guidelines to allow campers in for the three major weekends. Those major weekends will be: June 22nd UMP Summernationals, July 26th/27th WoO Prairie Dirt Classic, and August 31st AMS/UMP Modified Nationals.

Any fan that orders at least 1 season pass will have first chance at purchasing 1 season long reserved camping spot (3 majors only) and will be referred to as a VIP customer. Season passes with reserved camping are on sale now. Camping spots will be assigned on a first come first served basis off of the time/date stamp on emails. Once we receive your order we will reply back with payment instructions. If more than one person requests the same camping spot we will revert back to the time/date stamp on when we received each email.

This will allow season pass/camping pass holder’s early entry on the grounds for the big 3 weekends and help us with the bottleneck. The grounds committee is currently working on mapping out the grounds to get as many campers parked as efficiently as possible. In an effort to start the process there is a possibility we will not have our map/layout completely finished when these go on sale. We will track which email orders come in by time and date stamp. Once the map/layout is done we will contact you about your site. There will be various sized reserved camping spots based on the layout of the grounds.

Reserved Seats Along With Remaining Reserved Camping Spots Are On Sale Now

New this year for reserved seating, we will only collect the non-refundable reserved seating fees in advance; all reserved seat customers will receive a reserved seat voucher for that seat but will pay general admission at the gate on the day of the event. We have decided to do this for the fans because the dates of the two big weekends are only one month apart and it can get so expensive pre-ordering tickets. We have also lowered the reserved seat price on the PDC weekend to $5.00 per seat for the entire weekend. For example: if you want five reserved seats for the Summernationals you will mail a check for $25.00; if you want 5 reserved seats for the PDC weekend you will mail a check for $25.00 etc. We reserve the right to fill empty seats if no one is using them. Please be respectful and do not take more seats than needed.

2013 Prices are as Follows:

$5.00 per reserved seat for each of the 3 big weekends (once top 7 rows on backstretch are mostly sold we will open up more reserved seating.)

$25.00 Individual Weekend Reserved Camping Spot (3 majors only) - availability based on remaining reserved spots after VIP orders filled. These remaining spots will be offered beginning on April 6th at 10:00 a.m. (for those not wanting season pass)

$50.00 Season Long Reserved Seat - any seat excluding top 7 rows on backstretch that have been reserved (unless reserved by you) *Must Purchase Season Pass*

$50.00 Reserved Camping Spot - includes all 3 major weekends only *Must Purchase Season Pass*

$200.00 Full Season Pass - general admission to every speedway event in 2013

$500.00 Full Season Pit Pass - includes general admission and pit admittance

Each camping spot must have a camper on it; FALS reserves the right to move any camper at any time.

Group orders should be sent in one email.

All questions/orders should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (test emails in advance are welcome)